Freemind is a software company, based in Brussels, delivering IT professional services and solutions. Freemind helps its customers to “Stay in Control” of the realization of their brilliant ideas and of their business and operations by supporting them in the management, conception, development and deployment of IT projects or solutions.
Freemind’s high-level professionals (Project Managers, Software Architects, Functional Analysts, Business Analysts, Analysts/Developers) take care of major challenges in the IT space and make the objectives of their customers their own objectives. To assist its customers with the best solutions, Freemind is continuously innovating, promoting and pushing internal innovation programs around collective intelligence.

Steertone Solutions benefits from Freemind’s skills to develop their innovative solutions.

iNumerica is a solutions provider covering many B2B supply chain in the music industry.
Its modules, as a whole, constitute the only (ERP) Integrated Management Software Package dedicated to this industry. iNumerica’s core team has amassed over 20 years experience in the music business, overseeing high-end strategic projects worldwide. Their functional and technical experts have extensive experience in the field of complex copyright management and metadata exchange.
iNumerica offers the most complete suite of integrated software applications for sound management in the music industry, serving all the needs required by professionals, publishers and right society companies.

Since library music is used differently than commercial music, iNumerica needed a specific solution developed for that purpose. Steertone conceived an algorithm to perfectly monitor library music on radio and tv broadcasters.
Quite naturally, Steertone and iNumerica’s relationship grew to a partnership to offer a Production Music Management tool: a suite of consistent and adaptable solutions for any stakeholder active in library music or the broadcasting landscape.