Production Music Management

Manage. Register. Promote. Monitor.

Finally connecting audiovisual producers, music rights holders and broadcasters as should be. Library Music has different needs than commercial music and iNumerica understood that a long time ago. The partnership with Steertone Solutions offers a complete set of tools to answer every single need in Library Music.

Solutions in this suite include:
– Online interface connecting music publishers/producers with radio/tv/film producers and broadcasters.
Import/Export of catalogue and copyright metadata in any format.
– Online synchronization licensing tool allowing radio/tv/film producers and broadcasters to easily download and license music tracks.
– Online and collaborative creation of cue sheets.
– Automated registration of both works and masters at CMO’s.
Copyright usage lists instantly generated by/or cross-checked with music monitoring data.
– Royalties accounting tool allowing Producers/Publishers to redistribute money easily.