Soundcentric Solutions

Smart Monitoring

We develop solutions based on your specific radio and tv monitoring needs. Whether it is for a monitoring solution customized for Library Music or for control over your data, Steertone adapts its Smart Monitoring tool on your request.


We link data to sound in an innovative and robust way. Matching your data is now effortless thanks to the use of the sound, the only stable asset. Data matching becomes a child’s play.

Whitelisting UGC

You have licensed the music and you still receive copyright claims on UGC platforms like Youtube? At Steertone, we decided to offer a solution in both the user’s and the platform’s interests. Want to know more about it? Let’s have a chat!

Copy Identification

Keeping control over your data is one thing. Keeping control over your digital audio files online is another one. With our copy identification solution, every audio file becomes a unique digital item. Our solution is useful against music piracy, leaks or just to make sure that each audio copy has a different data set linked to it.

Your next solution

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